If there’s one complaint I have about downtown Los Angeles, it’s that too much is happening really fast.  Unlike other large cities, many people visit Los Angeles without ever setting foot Downtown. That's a shame, since Downtown LA is rich with historic architecture and cultural attractions, not to mention sports and entertainment complexes. For those that have never ventured into the neighborhood, consider this trail a primer of things to do in downtown LA. You will be visiting 5 spots in this trail and it shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes to complete it. But, hey, don't rush! We want you to have fun, so take your time.

1st SPOT:

Walt Disney Concert Hall - 111 S Grand Ave


One side of the building is made from stone and you will notice a door. What is written on that wall?

Los Angeles ??? Center

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A few decades ago, nobody wanted to touch DTLA. There simply weren't enough things to do in Downtown Los Angeles, aside from being a firsthand witness to the decline of a once great city center. These days, it's a different story. While Downtown is still a little bit rough around the edges, it's in the midst of a cultural and architectural resurgence that's turning the area into a walkable, Metro-friendly destination dotted with museums and beautiful buildings