Recent News on Spotroam - 9/14

Since launching our first product last week, we have had great feedback from contributors, travelers, and mentors. Thank you all for your contribution.

Now, we’re gathering the user feedback from several target groups to better understand what our core value proposition should be. Also, we got some feedback from our business mentors. Both help us to understand the needs of the user and improve the quality of the product. We’re planning to continue with small user groups and keep on developing the product.

What happened since last week:

  • Paris is now available! Trails are created by Majell del Castillo and Léo OB. 👏👏
  • Text contents on the spot page were hard to read. We solved this issue with minor UI changes.
  • Also, Spotroam has a cool font for brand recognition. This font has been added to the updated version.

Upcoming features:

  • We’re working on a home page to make it easier to use with visual elements and map view.
  • “Add your spot” feature, which includes a recommendation and visuals for a spot, will be available in the next update. Good news for our contributors 🤗

After these updates, we’re going to be prepared for user growth that provides our contributors to have too much hello & traffic from different parts of the world. It will be surely fun and we’ll do it all together. 💜

Cheers to all friends across the world collaborating with us!

You can join the Facebook group if you would like to share your feedback and meet other contributors from Spotroam Community. Here’s the link to join the community: